Episode 3 - Customer Centric Culture in Live Action

May 19, 2024 by
Ebtihal Taha

Picture this: I recently had the pleasure of visiting a small chain of supermarkets where the customer service (CS) is nothing short of exceptional. It's a rare find to come across such a positive experience that's worth sharing. The CS here goes beyond the usual training of front-line staff to smile and say thank you. Let me take you through three remarkable encounters that showcase the outstanding service and its impact on the customer experience.

Encounter #1: Finding the Unfindable

I was on the hunt for a very specific item, but despite my best efforts, I couldn't find it. Out of the blue, a team member from a completely different section noticed my dilemma and offered to help. We searched high and low, even checking the storage area, but to no avail. Feeling appreciative of his effort, I thanked him and went about my shopping. However, around 30 minutes later, when I reached the checkout, I was astonished to see him approaching me with the very item I was looking for! He had gone the extra mile, persistently searching until he found it. Wow #1!

Encounter #2: A Thoughtful Gesture

In a previous visit, I had purchased a cheese platter with mini plates, and sadly, I managed to break two of the mini plates. I decided to ask at the deli if I could buy replacements for the broken items. The young man serving me politely explained that the mini plates were not for sale, as they were part of the deli service and only provided with the platter. I understood and appreciated the response. However, to my surprise, when I was at the checkout, the same young man approached me, this time carrying replacement mini plates as a gift! He didn't need to seek multiple approvals or manage a complaint. Instead, he made a spontaneous decision to delight a customer. Super wow #2!

Encounter #3: Transparency and Confidence

Overwhelmed by the extraordinary service, I decided to express my gratitude to the owner of the supermarket. I asked the cashier for the owner's name and contact information, not expecting much. But to my astonishment, the cashier, not a supervisor or branch manager, calmly took out his mobile and provided me with the owner's name and contact number without any hesitation. Stunned wow #3!

These remarkable encounters shed light on the essence of exceptional customer service. They are more than just isolated incidents; they represent the principles that underpin a customer-centric culture:

  1. Understanding the Essence of Service: Going beyond the minimum effort to satisfy the customer demonstrates a true dedication to providing exceptional service.
  2. Empowering Autonomy: Allowing team members to make decisions that delight customers without excessive approval processes creates a positive and memorable experience.
  3. Owning Responsibility: When team members take ownership of the customer's needs and act confidently, it fosters transparency and builds trust.

My conversation with the owner only reinforced the authenticity of their commitment to customer satisfaction. Exceptional service is not just a slogan here; it's ingrained in their DNA.

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