Power Talks

Power Talks

Power Talks are talks that aims to address diverse topics across three key areas:

  • Personal Development: 
  • Personal development encompasses a wide range of topics, including self-awareness, goal setting, time management, and resilience.

  • Customer Experience: 
  • Talks in this area can address strategies for creating positive and memorable customer interactions.

    Topics may include understanding customer needs, effective communication, and the role of empathy in customer service.

  • Women Empowerment: 
  • Talks on women empowerment can cover a range of issues, including gender equality, leadership, and breaking through stereotypes.

    Discussions might focus on the challenges women face in various fields and how to overcome them.

    Empowering women economically, socially, and politically could be central themes, along with promoting diversity and inclusion.

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Building your Business with Funding

Funding  for startups will guide  you  on the  correct way of pitching your startup idea and receiving  appropriate  Good to Great workshop for customer experience involves focusing on key principles and strategies to enhance the overall customer journey.

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Women empowerment

Women empowerment workshop is designed to  educate women on various aspects of personal and professional development.

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Mindfulness at the workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace involves cultivating a focused and non-judgmental awareness of the present moment .

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