Balancing Self-Care and Caregiving for Women

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Balancing Self-Care and Caregiving for Women

This compelling discussion delves into the art of balancing self-care with caregiving, emphasizing the vital role of prioritizing personal well-being while supporting others. It explores the unique challenges and experiences women encounter in these dual roles, shedding light on the societal expectations and pressures they often face.

The conversation underscores the necessity of self-care as the cornerstone of effective caregiving. It highlights practical strategies and approaches for achieving this delicate balance, such as setting boundaries, seeking support, integrating self-care into daily routines, and recognizing the intrinsic value of one's own well-being in the caregiving dynamic.

By focusing on these elements, the talk aims to empower women to nurture themselves, enabling them to provide more meaningful and sustainable support to those they care for. It offers insights and tools to foster a healthier caregiving experience, ensuring that women can thrive while fulfilling their caregiving responsibilities. This discussion is a call to action for women to embrace self-care as an essential part of their caregiving journey, ultimately creating a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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  After earning her dentistry degree from Future University in Egypt (FUE) and acquiring a solid medical foundation, she chose to delve into health and wellness coaching to broaden her influence in the constantly evolving healthcare landscape. Her dedication led her to successfully complete the rigorous program at Intellect Coaching School, where she obtained an ICF accredited certification in health and wellness coaching. Presently, she plays a vital role at a 60+ seniors’ clinic, actively designing and executing diverse programs that target an improved quality of life for the clients. Moreover, she offers individualized one-on-one sessions, aiding clients in reaching their distinct and meaningful goals.

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Date & Time
Saturday June 29, 2024
4:00 PM 7:00 PM (Africa/Cairo)


22 Mohamed Saeed ElHalawany
+2 010 911 77059


+2 010 911 77059

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