Coach Arab Iftar

🌟 What an incredible evening at the annual Iftar hosted by the Arab Coach Development Foundation.
Ebithal's insightful talk on growth, both as a business and as individuals, left a lasting impression on everyone present. Her wisdom and passion for empowerment resonated deeply, reminding us of the importance of continuous learning and development in every aspect of our lives. 
As we break fast together, let's reflect on the valuable lessons shared tonight and commit to embracing growth opportunities with open hearts and minds.  Let's strive to cultivate a culture of growth not only within our businesses but within ourselves, nurturing our potential to soar to new heights. 

5th International Women Summit

Fekrkhan attended the 5th International Women Summit on March 7th, where Founder Ebithal Taha delivered an inspiring talk on empowering women with a Customer Experience focus. ElleKhan's managing partner, Basmah Osman, also shared insights on mentoring women in Egypt. The event showcased diverse perspectives and strategies for supporting women's advancement, reflecting a commitment to fostering empowerment and mentorship in various contexts. Taha's emphasis on customer experience adds a unique dimension to empowering women, highlighting the intersectionality of gender empowerment and professional development. Osman's focus on mentoring underscores the importance of guidance and support networks for women's success.

Empowering Women: A Strategic Investment for Future Success

ElleKhan, Managing Partner, hosted a webinar in partnership between EnergyUP and Fekrkhan, exploring the significance of women in business. The webinar delved into several key topics:

 1. Why and How Women Matter

2. The Business Case for Women Empowerment

3. Barriers and Challenges for Women Empowerment

Bridging The Gap to Success

FekrKhan celebrated Women's Day with Raya Holding for Financial Investments, presenting a special workshop titled "Bridging the Gap to Success." The workshop focused on self-leadership through a gender lens, addressing how women can empower themselves in the professional sphere. It aimed to inspire and equip women with tools and strategies to navigate challenges and achieve success in their careers.